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About Us

ABC Mortgage Solutions, founded by Matt Bromwich in August 2019, is dedicated to providing bespoke, end-to-end mortgage services. Managing Partner Lee Marshall-Phillips joined in July 2020, bringing a client-centered approach. They offer personalized services without the hassle of call centers, aiming to simplify the mortgage process. The team focuses on understanding each customer’s unique needs to provide meaningful advice, with a commitment to transparency and simplicity in all their dealings. For more information, visit ABC Mortgage Solutions.

We operate withing South Yorkshire and surrounding areas, including Rotherham & Sheffield.



Matt Bromwich

Hi I am Matt,
Founder of ABC Mortgage Solutions,

I started the company back in August 2019, I want to be able to spend more time with my family whilst running my own company. I offer a bespoke end to end service with customers taking the time to know each customer so I can offer relatable and meaningful advice.

Contact me – no call centres, no queuing, no option clicking to speak to the person you want.

Lee Marshall-Phillips

Hi i’m Lee Marshall-Phillips,
Managing Partner at ABC Mortgage Solutions.

I will keep this short and sweet just like me! I joined ABC Mortgage Solutions back in July 2020 because I wanted to offer a personalised service based around my client’s needs and objectives and only being my own boss could allow me to do that. Contact me for a warm, friendly and expert advice.

I will be open and honest with you, making sure you fully understand the biggest commitment you will ever have and making it as simple as possible…. Simple as A, B, C (Don’t hate me).

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