Life Insurance and the rest….

Here at ABC Mortgage Solutions, we don’t just take care of your mortgage needs, we look at the full package and that means protecting you, your family and your home.

Life insurance is just one part of protecting you, we also look at Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, Accident & Sickness cover and last but not least Buildings and Contents Insurance.

With a panel of protection providers there is a solution for you and your budget.

Life Insurance
Critical Illness
Income Protection
Accident and Sickness
Home Insurance

What is Critical Illness Cover

Putting it simply, Critical Illness Cover is a long-term insurance policy which covers serious illnesses listed within a policy.

How can Critical Illness Cover benefit me? If you get diagnosed with a specified critical illness, a critical illness policy will pay out a tax-free, one-off payment. This can help pay for your mortgage, rent, debts, or alterations to your home, such as wheelchair access, should you need it.

Examples of critical illnesses that might be covered include:

  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • Multiple sclerosis etc…

    Some providers also offer protection for children!

What is Income Protection

Income Protection, also known as permanent health insurance.

Putting it simply, Income Protection is an insurance policy designed to help you if you can’t work because you’re ill or injured.

How can Income Protection benefit me? Income Protection will ensure you receive a regular income until you retire or return back to work.

It will:

  • Replace part of your income if you become ill or disabled.
  • Payout a set amount until you return to work, retire, die or the end of the policy term.
  • Allow you to make multiple claims through the policy term.
  • Home Insurance

    This is a type of insurance that protects your property and/or your belongings.

    There are 3 types of home insurance: Buildings Insurance, Contents Insurance and Buildings and Contents Insurance.

    Building Insurance

    This is REQUIRED by mortgage lenders when taking out a mortgage. Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing damage to the structure of your property.This includes the walls, windows and roof as well as permanent fixtures and fittings such as baths, toilets and fitted kitchens. As a general rule, buildings insurance covers the cost of rebuilding your house from the ground up.

    Contents Insurance

    Contents Insurance is to cover the cost of replacing your belongings if they are damaged, destroyed or stolen.Generally, your ‘contents’ are defined as the items that you would take with if you moved home.

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    What is Life Insurance

    Life insurance, which can also be known as life cover or life assurance…

    Putting it simply, is a policy that will protect your loved ones financially if you die. It can help minimise the financial impact that your death will have on your family.

    How can life insurance benefit me? Life insurance can provide a lump sum upon your death to repay any debts you may of left behind. This can help relieve some or all of the pressure your family may feel should anything happen to you.

    Your Life Insurance could be used to:

  • Repay your mortgage.
  • Repay your debts.
  • Provide an income.
  • Leave an inheritance.
  • Pay for your funeral.