Buy To Lets made simple…

Who can get a BTL?

You can get a BTL mortgage if meet all/most of the points below:

  • You want to invest in property.
  • You understand the risks involved.
  • You own a property.
  • You earn £25,000+ per year.

    Every lender is different so let us compare our panel of lenders for the right deal for you based on your needs and circumstances.


    Some buy to let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How do BTLs work?

Buy To Let mortgages are similar to ordinary mortgage but there are some key differences.

The amount you can borrow is not determined by how much you earn but how much RENT you anticipate to receive.

The amount of deposit you need to put down can vary from 25% up to 40%.

The interest rate and fees associated with a BTL mortgage are higher.

Fast Track Buy To Let

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What is a Buy To Let?

A Buy To Let (BTL) is an investment for Landlords who want to buy and rent out a property. There are many reasons why to invest in BTLs, you could be looking to generate a separate income stream or looking for long term growth but whatever your reasons are use ABC Mortgage Solutions to make your financial goals a reality.